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Now THIS is interesting.

Today I was scanning my email and noticed that had posted its new Dream Board software for making your very own vision board online. I’d heard about it from Martha Beck and others, and wanted to try it.

So I spent about an hour and made My Wildly Improbable Life in 2011 and Beyond vision board.

I was quite proud of my creation, and I could feel the emotions behind the images soaking into me as I looked at it, rearranged, resized, added intentions to each image, and picked words that resonated with me. And right afterwards, when I sat down to eat lunch, I realized I was feeling like CRAP! Read the rest of this entry »


I’m going to start getting very specific with my Vision Boards from now on. I am beginning to really feel the idea behind the Law of Attraction, or the Secret, or whatever you want to call it.

The key is the state of mind in which you enter in to your visioning process. If you grasp at things from a place of wanting material things or events to happen, without checking in with your essential nature – asking if you REALLY want it, or just THINK you want it – nothing will manifest. Or something will manifest, but it won’t be what you REALLY wanted.

It takes so much re-education or un-learning of the mind for us to focus on what our heart and soul REALLY want. I spent the past ten years or so trying to live a life that looked a lot like the lives of all the people I was ever TOLD to admire and look up to. These were the people who were put in my environment from an early age and held up as examples of the ideal. When I really investigated it from my heart, and my experience, I found that none of these versions were quite right for me. The problem is, knowing what you DON”T want is only the first step. It’s an important first step to get clear about. When you’re clear about what you don’t want, it makes space for other things to come in. Getting clear – REALLY clear – is a daily practice and constant process. It requires breathing, silence, stillness, then joy, movement, and vocalizing.

When you can get clear, make space, and allow your heart to sing to you, then the magic begins. Read the rest of this entry »

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