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A video with my initial thoughts on a topic that I feel will become a vast area of exploration and focus in my work.

For part two of the video, visit this link.

And for a written expansion on the ideas in this video, see my blog post at this link.


What is the most significant decision you made today?

Buddha candle

Maybe I’ve been filling my head with too much New Age hoo-ha lately (I got four different emails in the same day about a new book by a medical intuitive called “Defy Gravity”). Maybe I’m speaking from the relative isolation of my current day-to-day life which is spent gathering evidence and reassurance that there are other people who think like me, believe in the same things I do, and will attract themselves to me in service of manifesting my wildest dreams for my life.

But I’m beginning to really believe that we do choose our life’s work, whether we know it or not. We really end up working on things that we think will bring us joy, whether they actually do or not. We conduct ourselves based on stories that serve and solidify our current beliefs, without even knowing what we actually believe.

Then, in a moment of awakening, if we’re lucky enough to find some connection to our hearts or our bodies, we might recognize a latent curiosity about the parts of ourselves we have yet to experience. There is a little tug, or a nudge, or eventually a push that comes to a shove, that will not allow us to ignore what we are curious about.

So the question becomes, “What are you curious about?Read the rest of this entry »

We were asked to consider, “Are you really hearing everything that you can hear?” this week for my CIIS class, so here’s my own question of the week:

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

I realize it’s a little bit ironic that I’m trying to WRITE about each of my experiences in my sound healing class. One of the main points of the class is that the experience of sound is one which transcends words and meaning. It is simply the vibrational experience of being.

Tonight we had a visit from  Anam Thubten Rinpoche – a Tibetan Buddhist teacher/guru. He reminded us that the mind is the basis for all problems and suffering. The practice of liberation is the practice of liberating the mind – “no mind, no problem.” The title of Rinpoche’s book is actually “No Self, No Problem”. It is also interesting that we first use the mind…in order to transcend the mind. Rinpoche reminded us that the Sanskrit word mantra is translated as “liberation of the mind”. Man – is mind, tra – is liberation or healing.

Our class had begun with two beautiful improvisational mantras – the first “A” (the sound Ahhhh), and the second on the four sounds contained in the word “HOME” (ha, oh, mm, eh). Silvia started with just a harmonium drone (a sustained chord), and the instruction:

No thinking, just listening…and PLAY.

Read the rest of this entry »

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