This story really hit home for me. I am all too familiar with the quest to achieve an image of perfection, the rawness of the need for external approval, and pushing myself beyond my bodily intuition.

This is a story of a yogi who lived through this cycle of pain and emerged with a new internal compass for his practice – one that may not photograph as well but feels gentler and kinder to his own body.

It prompts me to ask, “What will it take for each of us to let go of our need to achieve an image of perfection, and turn toward accepting ourselves as we are?”

Here’s the story of James MacAdam’s wake-up call.

Confessions of a Type-A Yogi In my early yoga days studying Anusara Yoga with John Friend, he once told me (through my girlfriend) that I could be a great yogi like my friend Darren Rhodes.  To me, this meant that I too would be able to contort my body into incredible formations, and demonstrate my world-class athletic prowess through the art of Hatha Yoga.   … Read More

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