One of the great things about attending classes at CIIS in San Francisco is the rotating art exhibits that line the hallway on the third floor, from the elevators to the entrance to Namaste Hall (where we have all of our workshops and lectures). This past weekend, I was a little startled to see that the wall had “sprouted” faces. For a split second, I actually thought that the wall had been replaced with some pliable material and that there were people lined up on the other side of this wall doing something like “Blue Man Group”. Then I realized it was sculpture. After finally soaking that in, I arrived inside Namaste Hall to find a poignant and thought-provoking study in meditation and the state of “no mind”:

The artist responsible for these remarkable, beautiful, memorable installations – the first called “Breathe” and the second called “Sentient” – is Renee Prisble Una. She’s from Chicago, my hometown!

I’m going to find out more about her, because she’s right up my alley. Wow.