While in Santa Fe for a training workshop this January, one of the exercises we did involved drawing a crayon from a box of 64, whose color spoke to us. Then we were asked to write, using the voice of the color to speak about itself. I drew the color “carnation pink”.

Here is what the crayon had to say:

“I am carnation pink. 

I am bold. I stand out from the crowd. I am pretty, feminine, girly, cute, fun, flowery, full of life.

People stop in their tracks when they see me.

In the dead of winter I am the camilla flower that surprises, stuns, invokes awe and wonder at how I emerged in the midst of all this darkness and death.

I’m on display and am unafraid of how I contrast with what’s behind me or around me.

I am singular in my expression.

I am heartfelt but strong and resilient. I am not pale like the other pinks and pastels. I don’t blend well in the background. I must be noticed. I give you no choice but to notice me.

I come from a place of softness but land in boldness, not to be denied.”