I realized I never debriefed on my first-ever “Music Improvisation for Everyone” class last Saturday. It was the first time in a few years that I taught from a place of total relaxation and not needing any particular results to happen. Everything was already perfect before the class even started, because I had put myself out there to offer the class. How the participants responded, what they got out of it, how they felt about me – none of that was within my control, so none of it could affect my own experience unless I chose to allow it in. I just kept offering myself in an open way, knowing I was giving with love. I was sharing what I really truly loved, not expecting – and importantly, not needing – anyone else to love it like I do in order to feel “successful” or “good” at what I was doing.

When I received the positive feedback – and I did receive plenty of good juicy comments – I saw it as a bonus for THEM, not for me. I had already received the positive feedback of my own experience in the moment of delivering all of my offerings. I was already happy. Their comments augmented it but I was not attached to having them, so it didn’t change things so much. I had my own knowledge that I would be doing it again soon, because I wanted to, and nothing that happened on Saturday was going to change that.

Of course it’s wonderful to hear that the very first class was well-received! But it just doesn’t mean I’ll be striving to make future classes more “like” this first one. It’s a starting point. And I am practicing, building, growing, and becoming more curious as I go. There will be more offerings to come!