I’m trying to redevelop content for my new website. Since I’m in so much transition mentally right now, it’s been reflected in my process for the new direction of my business. I want to shift the website so that it reflects more where I am going than where I have been. Starting with my bio, under “About Me”, it is so interesting to see that ever since I started this path five years ago, my accomplishments are no longer easily listed in a list format, as had been the case for the prior twentysomething years. That’s interesting that things don’t read like a checklist anymore, because I haven’t been living my life that way. I’ve tried, don’t get me wrong. But it just hasn’t been that way. My life has guided me in a different direction. First I have to embrace that.

The second main area of fogginess right now is figuring out what exactly I want people to contact me for. What is the work I want to be doing? It was easy to write the website for my school because it was clear that people with children ages 2.5 and up would come to me to learn about something to do with violin training. Ironically, nowhere on that site were the words “violin lessons” because that’s not what I was offering. I was offering something bigger, but it was never quite articulated on the site. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so I made a video. This helped me for several years, along with our live concerts.

But now the video is out of date with my current teaching style and the focus of my efforts. I am at another juncture of getting up to date with what I’ve learned so far. This leads me to ask the next important marketing question which is, “Who are My People?” Meaning, who do I expect to find me based on the way I describe myself and what I have to offer? I’ve always been very conflicted about this, going back to my match.com profile several years ago (one example of my trying to live that “check the box” lifestyle).

As I’ve thought about this question, I find myself imagining who I think my people “should” be – meaning, people who are similar to me demographically – instead of looking at who my people really are. All of the people who are currently in my life – both business and friendship – are reflections of who My People are. I started writing down attributes describing some of the people I’ve experienced the best energy with. But then I realized that there are people out there who can learn from what I have to offer but are very different from me. I can’t limit My People just to the kinds of people I might invite over to my house for a cup of chai. I can’t limit My People just to the people who are as devoted to yoga as I am. These attributes that I am targeting are very specific, but the types of people who possess the attributes can come from a very diverse cross-section of the culture.

One question I keep coming back to is Asian-American women. Where are we? Who are we talking to about our lives? Where are the circles of truth and listening and love and crying and mentorship that are so necessary for a woman to step into her own power? Who is the “Oprah” for Asian-American women? Who is giving voice to the internal conflicts many of us face, between tradition and freedom, our responsibilities and our deepest desires? Who is asking the tough questions to get us to think about what America has done for our families and what it has done to our families? Who is helping our understanding and acceptance of what is lost and what is gained with each generation? This is what I need for healing. Is anyone else out there ready to listen?