What I wore to work on 11.09.09

This day just had to be documented as the day I wore pants to work. Never have I done this in my five years of teaching as “Dr. Chu”. Only three months ago did I wear my first non-high-heeled pair of shoes to work. But today I was loving this outfit, especially the belt and my bracelet worn outside my sleeve, and I didn’t want to put on my “corporate costume” just to teach two students before going to CIIS. I was a little giddy with expectation and even had responses prepared in my head for when people would comment. But no one mentioned anything. My first student didn’t even look at me strangely. No one gave me the “once over” with their eyes scanning me up and down. I was shocked but also used David Darling’s first mantra, which is to greet EVERYTHING with a child-like smile and a little chuckle. Like, haha, isn’t that funny, life?

One more shovel-ful of dung slung over my shoulder. Ah, sweet liberation!

The other piece I should document from tonight’s meeting of previous years’ alumni from our CIIS program is that I met so many beautiful people doing beautiful work with their transformed lives in the world. Especially resonant for me was a young woman from Colombia, who spoke about having been trained in music all her life, getting a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music, yet discovering that because of the rigidity of her training, placing things in boxes such as “wrong note” and “unacceptable sounds”, she had become something quite unmusical. She began a deep exploration of movement, the connection of her body and her voice, and the power of opening her voice. She now performs, but also teaches circles of women about the body and voice, and finding clarity of expression when the voice is opened. She shared that her deepest discovery about humility was that she used to think humility was staying small and keeping herself quiet, not sharing what she observes or feels in a situation. But what she now realizes is that humility is about stepping into her own voice, and the potential power of her voice, with gratitude and trust of herself. When she has connected with her own trust, she has brought the greatest service to others, and has received the greatest blessings in return.

I spoke to her and was just so drawn to the calm, joyful energy and wisdom she exudes. I know that she is bringing such beauty into the world with her simple presence. It was a great inspiration and reminder that our greatest power in this lifetime lies in every single moment of our journey – every struggle, every realization, every search we embark on. If we summon the courage to “go there” we will always find much to offer.