Tomorrow morning I start a two-day drumming and overtone workshop with Glen Velez, a Grammy-award winning percussionist. What a great start tonight was.

My ears are ringing — happily — from Cyro Baptista’s Banquet of the Spirits, a project originally named “Anthropofagia”, after a Brazilian cultural movement from the 1920s, when artists rebelled against “official” art that came from Europe and claimed that the Brazilian character was the regurgitation of all the ingested cultures from that time – Afro-Brazilian, indigenous native culture, and Portuguese/other European.

This from the program notes:

The band members consider themselves cultural cannibals — the music is a manifestation of the process of eating, swallowing, and digesting all the tendencies that are part of the sonic landscape and environment. It is the product of all the sounds that they have collectively consumed over the years; some were digested and others have been rejected. After all is said and heard, it becomes difficult to identify what belongs to what country, culture, or religion.

Love that. It’s kind of a foreshadowing perhaps of the new American culture – if we can digest all the different influences and allow individuals to regurgitate their own unique versions of all this diversity, we have the opportunity to create some truly unique art. It also reminds me of what my half-Chinese niece said when she saw a mosquito bite on my neck: “Mosquitoes like to bite my Daddy too! They must like Chinese food! You’re Chinese too, right?” Already she is digesting the concept of a mixed cultural diet. I love it.

I have to stop writing right now because words get in the way of the sounds that are filling my entire being right now.

I am basking in it. My ears feel alive. My body wants to move. And now it’s time to go to sleep!