Buddha candle

Maybe I’ve been filling my head with too much New Age hoo-ha lately (I got four different emails in the same day about a new book by a medical intuitive called “Defy Gravity”). Maybe I’m speaking from the relative isolation of my current day-to-day life which is spent gathering evidence and reassurance that there are other people who think like me, believe in the same things I do, and will attract themselves to me in service of manifesting my wildest dreams for my life.

But I’m beginning to really believe that we do choose our life’s work, whether we know it or not. We really end up working on things that we think will bring us joy, whether they actually do or not. We conduct ourselves based on stories that serve and solidify our current beliefs, without even knowing what we actually believe.

Then, in a moment of awakening, if we’re lucky enough to find some connection to our hearts or our bodies, we might recognize a latent curiosity about the parts of ourselves we have yet to experience. There is a little tug, or a nudge, or eventually a push that comes to a shove, that will not allow us to ignore what we are curious about.

So the question becomes, “What are you curious about?And how long ago did you put away your dreams of ever finding out the answer to that question? Curiosity is a doorway to our own creativity, if we allow it to unfold. We’re always looking for containers to hold our curiosity – just look at the number of entertainment options we have as evidence of our curiosity’s willingness to find any container that’s close at hand.

Some of the things I’m curious about right now are:

  • How can I find a reflection of myself in this world, either through connection to the truth of another human being who resonates with me, or through creation of something that accurately reflects me? This is something of an obsession of mine, born perhaps from a lifetime in search of other faces that could understand the story embedded in my own.
  • What balance (if any) will there be in my life between my intense curiosity about the solitary artist’s life – someone who leaves behind everything they once knew in order to explore the frontiers of their own possibilities in the world – and playing the role of harmonizer and gatherer of people directly around me in an image of domestic life?
  • What definition of “family” will I arrive at in my own lifetime?
  • How will I learn and practice compassion toward the people around me?
  • In what ways will I unlock joy and desire for myself?
  • When will I let go of the anger? How can I channel it in the meantime?
  • How will I become a voice for my own truth (first) and also a source of inspiration to other women who have silenced themselves in various ways during their lives? In what way can I tell my story that it will serve not only me but others? In other words, how will I, uniquely, teach what I have learned?

There’s really no end to our curiosity, if we allow it to come close to the surface and break out. We seek coaching as a way to get permission to act in the ways we’ve always wanted to act, or to unlock our innate ability to do things we’ve hidden from ourselves for our whole lives. Could it be that another term for coaching is “professional curiosity“?

Just curious.